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Inside Outsourcing

“It’s so hard to find good help these days” is a nauseating expression. It’s also true. Anyone who has idealized outsourcing only to be let down by mediocre returns can attest to the unfortunate reality that most of your day, you can’t get away from. Your personal...

Lower the learning curve

Boardrooms used to be at the mercy of the megacorp. Once you committed to something big like telepresence, every piece that touched it had to follow suit. Compatibility was top-down, an approach that doesn’t exactly put the user experience first. Apple helped change...

Nice Ride

Smart watches? VR headsets? I have no time for this Earth-bound foolishness. The real action at this month’s CES comes with 8 propellers, doors that go like this, and the ability to fly you 10,000 feet in the air. A Chinese company called Ehang is blowing minds with...

The TECHnique Last Minute Gift Guide

It’s not too late to give the gift of gadget. Here is our list of the best technology gifts for 2015: Amazon Echo Echo was impressive from the get go, and its only gotten smarter. Beyond the novelty of telling jokes and reciting Wikipedia, most people are realizing...

What we learned by going remote

Letting your employees work from home can be quite the conundrum. Many of us are more productive alone, yet it’s hard to argue against the  premise that we’re more collaborative in the same room. An employee perk can simultaneously be a cultural threat, a problem that...

Slack to the Future

It’s been called The Email Killer. Companies like eBay, Sony, Yelp and NBC are trading the email paradigm for the fluidity of the latest instant messaging platform. They’ve got Slack fever, and so do we. We rolled out Slack six months ago and it has turned our world...