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The Must-Have Checklist for Office Relocations

Updated 5/19/2016 –  Few moments in life are as headache-inducing as moving. Moving your office is its own beast entirely, raising your blood pressure as you fend off the curve balls. The key is foresight, because being on schedule requires being ahead of the...

Drop the Jargon

Hell is a marathon meeting of nothing but buzzwords. Jack’s gonna tee it up but wants you to quarterback it from there. All Aces in their places ’cause when we get actionable I want you and Brenda touching base on the same page. And the fresher the not...

The multi-billion dollar Coworking industry

Welcome to the sharing economy, where everything of value from car space to bedrooms can be advertised and monetized. Work spaces are an obvious opportunity here. When I searched for these new “coworking spaces” around New York City I realized they’re already...

Unleash your inner elephant

I am App-fatigued. The thought of another icon to swipe through overshadows whatever benefit it promises to bring. I am Apped out. Every once in a while however, one comes along and proves so useful I find myself downloading it everywhere: My phone, my desktop, my...

Apple unveils their most impressive iPad yet

A 9.7” display feels right. Just big enough to get stuff done, just small enough to feel weightless in your bag. In their quest to remodel personal computing Apple seems to be keenly aware of this balance, and sticks to it with the brand new 9.7” iPad Pro. Available...

The 7 scammers you’ll meet online

The Overpayer Someone hires you for a gig and offers, say, 50% up front. They “accidentally” send you a check for 100% and ask you for the difference. The funds appear in your account so you cut them a refund check. The thing is, banks are required to make your funds...