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The pen is mightier than the keyboard

How’s your tech etiquette in meetings? Are you phone-away focused? Is it face down on the table, face up and vying for your attention, or always in your grip? Maybe you’re using it to take notes but how does it look to everyone else? When we appear like...

5 ways to design a more productive office

1. Create Movement Skullcandy uses movable desks. Other companies create a musical chairs style “hot desking” situation. The general idea is to promote interaction and variety through design. The standard open office layout has been discovered to be...

The $4.5 billion startup that could reinvent computing

Google has invested $542 million. Alibaba threw in $794 million. So what can a little startup in Fort Lauderdale possibly be doing to earn a $4.5 billion valuation? According to Magic Leap and its backers, reinventing Augmented Reality. For all the attempts at making...

Gamify your business

I never understood the mechanics of going viral less after “Gangam Style”… until now. Pokemon Go didn’t even have a tipping point, just an immediate explosion of user adoption in what has already become the most popular mobile game in U.S. history. Its ability to...

Step inside your camera

A well-placed camera can capture most of the action, but cameras shoot in frame, and “frame” is another word for “limit.” What if a camera had no frame? What if it recorded 360 degrees around itself, and 360 degrees over and under. That’s...

Exceptional Signage

Digital signage is all about impact. We see it everywhere with varying degrees of success, from the uninspired flat screens at your bank to the massive LED walls in Times Square. Like any medium, its wow-factor diminishes as its presence grows. A once-impressive video...