The Acer ICONIA tablet computer was released Monday November 22nd.  This touch screen laptop is the next step in the world of touch screen; instead of the traditional QWERTY keyboard there are two 14-inch touch screens.  I work with two monitors at work and when I go home I find myself frustrated with the limited scope of my lousy single monitor PC, the idea of a laptop that has two screens is exciting.  I don’t know how practical not having the keyboard hardware is, but I find most of my personal computing time is spent with the mouse anyway. The touch screen interface features an “Acer Ring” widget (activated by placing all five fingers on the bottom screen) which keeps all of your favorite pages a gesture away.  I like the social media app which allows multiple social media programs such as TwitterFacebook, and Path to function side by side on the lower screen.   Also as someone who likes to play around on Photoshop I think aspects of editing just became much more natural.

The notebook computer runs Windows 7 touch screen and features the Intel Core i5 processor, and a minimum of 4GB memory.  The two touch screen displays have a 1366 X 768 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratios are constructed from ultra-thin Gorilla glass.  Acer claims that this glass makes them scratch-and-fingerprint-resistant; unfortunately it doesn’t appear to cut down on glare.

For a video tour of the ICONIA check out engadget’s video here:  Acer ICONIA video tour