As you may already know, its possible to display your iPad on a TV screen. The iPad 1 comes with the ability to send and play media wireless to your TV with Airplay (provided that you have an Apple TV hooked up to the same network).  Why is this important to you?  It means that setting up an inter-office presentation just became that much more efficient.  There’s no longer a need to call the AV or IT department when you have a presentation to give.  Simply upload everything to your iPad and your ready to go.

One of the lesser known but very useful improvements from the iPad 2 takes this convenience a step further, into something called Airplay mirroring. Airplay mirroring allows you to display your iPad’s screen on a TV. Anything and everything on your little tablet can be shared with a larger audience, and (save for a minor lag) in real time.

Why is this huge?  It means if you don’t already have a dedicated computer in your conference room you can now buy a $100 Apple TV, then use your iPad 2 a substitute.

iPad, Airplay, and Apple TV

You now have a dedicated (tablet) computer in your conference room; a much simpler solution than a PC that needs frequent updating and a wireless keyboard and mouse for control.

This eliminates common software compatibility issues, too.  If it shows up on your iPad, it will show up on your conference room TV.

These days our conference room table has at least a couple of iPads on it during meetings. People take notes, collaborate, multi-task, etc… So we were excited to see how well version 2’s Airplay mirroring works, and how high res the image appears on our conference room TVs and projector.  Ruddy and Jordan play with Airplay and Airplay mirroring below:

Had a good or bad experience using your iPad in a conference room setting?  Please share!