Media Streaming Devices - What do all these box-thingies do?

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We’ve filtered down the best media streaming devices, and broken them down into the information you need to know when shopping this 2010 holiday season. Here’s your Black Friday Breakdown:

Boxee Box
Boxee Box lets you pick a show, then searches for you… beyond iTunes, beyond your subscription services, Boxee scours the internet and finds the show (sporting event, concert, or anything else that streams on the internet), and streams it to your TV (in full HD if that’s what the content is in).  Music and photos as well.  Bonus: They’re minimalist remote comes with a QWERTY keyboard on the flip side for faster searching.  Starts at $200.

Apple TV
Apple TV streams movies and TV shows in HD from iTunes (a buck to watch a TV episode), and from Netflix.  Stream your music and look at photos as well.  Bonus: you can use your iPod/iPhone/iPad as a remote control.  Starts at $100.

Slingbox Solo
The rest of these boxes stream the internet to your TV.  Slingbox does the opposite, turning any computer (and most mobile devices) into your home TV.  Bonus: Slingbox Pro HD streams in high def, and expands control to your Bluray player and DVR.  Starts at $180 ($300 for Pro HD)

For the budget-conscious, we have Roku.  Simple and cheap, Roku streams your subscription services (Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu Plus, etc.) to your TV.  Starts at $60.

Google TV
Google expands its all-powerful search box to your TV.  Hook it up to your TV, satellite dish, DVR, and the internet.  Then search for content.  Turn on a TV show and keep browsing the internet with dual view.  Set up a home page with your favorite channels and websites, and control it with your phone (iPhone OR Android).  Bonus: This open source project supports Apps!  Sony and Logitech both offer Google TV devices.  Logitech’s Revue box goes for $300, and Sony has an Internet Bluray player ($400) and an Internet TV ($600 for a 24”).

Interested in putting your whole house in a remote control?  Check out our sister company, Cloud9 Smarthome, and learn more about making your home a Smarthome with Control4.

Posted on 23. Nov, 2010 by Jordan[archives]

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