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As a technician, I’ve observed many of my clients are still a bit reluctant to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP and I can understand why: It just works! When surveying why a few of my clients don’t consider upgrading right away, it’s mainly due to concerns with compatibility. Some use older versions of certain software or some simply have old hardware to support the new system. In this case a new computer would be considered in the upgrade. That said, I thought I’d share this topic with you out there as it’s the same thing we inform our clients.

Now as some of you may know, Windows XP SP2 is no longer supported by Microsoft effective July 2010 leaving only customers with XP SP3 installed eligible for support. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but mark your calendars because effective April 2014, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP.

Windows Properties for XPI’ve read online that 50% of enterprise computers still run Windows XP Service Pack 2 and should consider updating to SP3 if they haven’t done so already. I can attest to about 50% of my IT clients are still using XP, though all have SP3 installed. Since Microsoft ended support for SP2 back in 2010, no further patches, including security updates, were made available for SP2 after that date. Because of this, many users are affected and need to update their OS to Windows XP SP3 as soon as possible. To check which service pack you have installed, go to Start > Right Click on My Computer > Click Properties. Check which Service Pack (SP) you have under System information. See screen shot. If your system information reads Service Pack 2 (SP2), click here to download the latest SP3.

Within the past year, we’ve beefed up our efforts to migrate all of our clients with XP computers to SP3 in the interim, especially since XP “dooms day” is approaching but we always suggest upgrading to Windows 7 (bypassing Windows Vista of course) as a second option.

For those still running XP, Please keep in mind that even on the supported Windows XP (SP3) version, only critical and security updates are being provided for those without a paid support contract with Microsoft. Again, mark your calendars as all support for Windows XP will be terminated early April 2014 (including security related patches and hot-fixes).


Thanks for reading.


Nestor Mejias

Everglades Support Team