architectural video wallDigital signage is all about impact. We see it everywhere with varying degrees of success, from the uninspired flat screens at your bank to the massive LED walls in Times Square. Like any medium, its wow-factor diminishes as its presence grows. A once-impressive video wall can fade into the same noise that vies for our attention from every direction. It’s hard to make an impact. Of course compelling content is key, but an architectural solution from Planar aims to make the medium itself just as compelling.

Planar Mosaic pushes a single video source across an artful composition of displays. These displays vary in size, can overlap each over and can tilt to any angle while maintaining a perfectly aligned image across. Planar’s LED backlit displays come in three sizes: 55″ & 46″ (both rectangles) and a 22″ square. You start by downloading their free design software and mocking up any arrangement onto a custom background image (like a picture of the wall they’ll eventually be mounted on.) Once the real version is installed, Mosaic is programmed then and there to account for the precise location and tilt of each display. The result is a seamless flow of content across a head-turning arrangement of LEDs.

mosaicWhile a library of stock content is available, Mosaic’s software can export a transparent masked file of your layout for easier development of 4K content. The most compelling results forget the rectangular nature of video content and play off the arrangement itself, making use of its unique angles and negative space. Protected with reinforced glass, Mosaic is designed for 24/7 operation in high traffic areas. Both power and content connectivity are daisy-chained and out of site, with each display mounted at a depth of 3.6″.

Making an impact is always a challenge, but one thing has been proven: Content that harmonizes with its medium beats content that is backed into it every time. There’s no shortcut to creativity, but Mosaic opens up a whole new dimension to play with.

planar mosaic