surflyExplaining to others how to use a website can sometimes be a pain when done over the phone. In most cases, the other user isn’t familiar with the website in question, and without both of you viewing the same page, it can take a fair amount of time to accomplish anything. As it stands now, the solution to this would be setting up remote access to the other user’s computer and walking them through it. However, this presents several security concerns (maybe this person doesn’t feel comfortable with installing remote access software, or doesn’t want to run the risk of someone accessing confidential data.) Surfly is a web service that aims to solve that by allowing you to share a web session with others, without accessing their PCs, and without installing intrusive remote control software.

Understanding how Surfly works is pretty easy. Users will initially need to create a free account. All this requires is an email address and password – you will be asked to verify your account via an email sent to you with a link, so make sure you use a permanent email address. To get started, enter the address of the website you wish to share with others, Surfly will then generate a unique address that you’ll need to share with the users you wish to invite to your session. At this point, you’ll be inside the website in question with a panel indicating the number of invitees that have joined your session. Once the remote user joins your session, they’ll be able to see the website just as they normally would, except this time each mouse click and character you type will be displayed on their end as well.

Surfly is compatible with any website and any web browser. That means iPhones, iPads, and other tablets as well. Since flash and plugins are not required, users will be able to create/join sessions without any setups required.

To start using Surfly, please visit their website.