Traditional Phone Systems


We can install phone systems with universal expansion slots so there is room for your company to grow as needed.


Call Forward, Call Park and a customizeable Auto Attendant ensure calls get routed correctly and efficiently.


Extended warranties available.


Retrieve your voice mails from outside of the office and change your greetings if desired.


We collaborate with our clients to design a phone system solution that fits their specific needs, and is future-proofed for growth.


Located in Union Square.
What we learned by going remote

What we learned by going remote

Letting your employees work from home can be quite the conundrum. Many of us are more productive alone, yet it’s hard to argue against the  premise that we’re more collaborative in the same room. An employee perk can simultaneously be a cultural threat, a problem that...

How much bandwidth do I need?

How much bandwidth do I need?

As of 2014, the average website size was 2MB. That means that a 3Mb circuit takes 5 seconds to download in perfect settings. One additional user opening a website at the same time will double it to 10 seconds. A YouTube video is between .5Mb to 1.5Mb/sec to stream....

Your phone away from phone

Your phone away from phone

We have batteries too, you know. There’s a limit to the information intake, the multi-tasking, keeping our heads on a connectivity swivel. Studies on productivity prove what productive people already know – that sometimes the most productive thing you can do is...