We are…


In our interaction with clients, trades and each other we focus on the collective goal.


Our obsession over performance fuels a higher attention to detail in everything we do.


We view projects as missions, and see them through with dedication to a stand-out customer experience.


With continual vetting and adoption of new technologies, we are the bridge between the bleeding edge and everyday life.


Our constant refinement of our methods lets us demystify the most complex of projects.

A note from our Founder

We decided to launch Voipstream after spotting a glaring flaw in the office technology space we refer to as the “blame game.” The phone vendor blames poor call quality on the service provider. The service provider affirms nothing is wrong with your connection and suggests bad cabling. The cabling provider tests your connections and points to your internal network settings, and your IT manager just left for vacation. Meanwhile all the end user cares about it that their calls sounds clear.

We realized there was an opportunity to take accountability over the bigger picture of our clients’ technology; to provide a single point of responsibility for every piece of the puzzle, ensuring tech harmony and limiting runaround when questions arise. Since 2001 our firm’s mission has been to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions for New York City businesses.