You only see a phone, but your cabling, IT network and Internet bandwidth can all impact your phone system. We take responsibility for the whole picture.


Call clarity comes from the right combination of hardware, software and circuit. We oversee all three for the clearest detail in voice.


While a box of phones can be drop-shipped, the tweaking, training & troubleshooting cannot. Our office is in Union Square for local support.

Included Features

Keep extension-to-extension dialing between multiple offices

Receive voicemails as email attachments.

Clone your desk phone onto your mobile device.

Receive calls to your office and smart phone simultaneously

Unlimited calling (certain plans)

Web-based administration panel

Dial from Outlook or your web browser

Multi-way conference calling

Announced, blind & direct-to-voicemail transferring

Call locally from across the world

Trigger caller ID-specific greetings

Direct seven-digit numbers for each user

Customizable auto-attendant

Travel with your phone, keep your extension

Music on hold

Caller ID & call waiting

Visual directories & detailed call logs

Cloud call recording

What Our Clients Are Saying

Everything is phenomenal. Working great and problem free. Happy to recommend.

-Brasil Warrant

We’re always happy with our Voipstream service.


There were no hiccups at all.

-Marathon Ventures

We have been Voipstream customers for well over 5 years now. Unbelievable customer service.

-Midtown Client

If we had to work on another office we would use Voipstream again.

-LSUS Capital LLC

Our onboarding went well, as expected.

-Art Agency Partners

The response time has been quick.

-International Value Advisers

Fantastic. A job well done and happy to recommend.

-El Corte Ingles

The installation wen’t smoothly.


Everything is amazing. Richard was very helpful. Happy to recommend.


I’d be happy to recommend Voipstream.

-Hiltzik Strategies

I really appreciate all the work the guys did.

-Sorgente Asset Management

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A note from our Founder

We decided to launch Voipstream after spotting a glaring flaw in the office technology space we refer to as the “blame game.” The phone vendor blames poor call quality on the service provider. The service provider affirms nothing is wrong with your connection and suggests bad cabling. The cabling provider tests your connections and points to your internal network settings, and your IT manager just left for vacation. Meanwhile all the end user cares about it that their calls sounds clear.

We realized there was an opportunity to take accountability over the bigger picture of our clients’ technology; to provide a single point of responsibility for every piece of the puzzle, ensuring tech harmony and limiting runaround when questions arise. Since 2001 our firm’s mission has been to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions for New York City businesses.